The World of Digital Marketing

The World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers online. It’s likely that you either have a mobile phone or are in front of a computer for some, if not all, of your work day. So, there’s no question that a big part of our lives is being online. Whether it’s through social media, web surfing, online shopping or sourcing information, we are online with a purpose.

Businesses need to be adapting to this online landscape in order to reach their consumers and interact and engage with them. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more and more prevalent every day and more and more consumers need to be targeted digitally.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way businesses reach and engage with their customers. By utilising key digital marketing tactics, businesses have the ability to:
  • Increase their overall sales.
  • Increase foot traffic and influence conversions.
  • Market their product or service in a cost-effective manner.
  • Target, reach and engage their ideal audience.
  • Engage their audience as they start their online buyer’s journey.
  • Expand their audience by connecting with mobile customers.
  • See results and monitor performance in real time.

From websites, social media and advertising, digital marketing is key for connecting with current and prospective customers. Here are some digital marketing tactics to consider in your next strategy.
  1. Social media marketing -Social media channels are crucial for brands to increase their brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads. Not too mention, almost 8 in 10 people use social media, so if this isn’t in your digital marketing strategy, it should be.
  2. Paid Ads (PPC) – Pay-per-click is a method of digital marketing that drives traffic to a website. Types of PPC include Google Ads, which allows businesses to pay for higher rankings on Google’s search engine results pages. Also, paid ads on Facebook and Instagram allows businesses to publish their content to people who explicitly match their audience criteria.
  3. Search engine optimisation -This is the process of optimising your website to ensure your rank is higher in search engine results pages, thereby increasing the organic traffic your website receives. There are many ways you can approach SEO in order to generate traffic to your website such as on page SEO (keywords on a website), off page SEO (backlinks) and technical SEO (backend of your website such as codes and data ). A business’s website is key in a digital marketing mix as this is more than likely where your customers will go in order to find the most information about you and make a purchase or utilise your service. So, it’s crucial that your website is optimised to ensure you’re directly visible to your audience.
  4. EDM’s -Email direct marketing is a digital marketing tactic that can drive foot traffic to your website. Businesses utilise email marketing for promotional campaigns, triggered email campaigns (such as cart abandonment emails) and transactional email campaigns (order confirmation emails). This tactic is handy for communicating with your audience in the digital space.
  5. Content marketing -Content such as ebooks, blog posts and social media posts are key tactics for generating brand awareness and results in traffic growth and greater lead generation. Check out our guide to content marketing for more information
  6. Mobile optimisation – An easy way to market your business to an online audience is by ensuring that all your ads, web pages and social media are optimised for a mobile device. If your business also has a mobile app, this is considered a great digital marketing medium which allows for further connection in the online space. People have their phones on them almost 24/7 so it’s crucial that brands are optimised for mobile.

Whilst these are some of the popular digital marketing tactics, there are many others that fall under the digital marketing umbrella. The important thing businesses should understand is that being digital is crucial to succeeding in this digitally inclined world.


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