What is Brand Storytelling?

What is Brand Storytelling?

In this digitally-driven society, businesses can no longer afford to be faceless entities. To survive, businesses need to humanise themselves to connect and engage with audiences at a deeper level. That’s where brand storytelling comes in.

Brand storytelling is a cohesive narrative that weaves together a brand’s backstory, why it exists, its core values and goals and why they matter to their audience. It’s giving customers reasons to invest in, and follow, your brand.

Brand storytelling is a must have and ultimately it will maximise your businesses visibility, profit and impact. Here are the five essential elements to powerful brand storytelling:

1. Tell your unique story 

Every brand has a story. A story that talks about where they have come from, how they got started and what their mission and values are. Brands should capitalise on their own unique story to engage with customers at the get go.

Instead of taking the common approach of showcasing a timeline of your company, tell the story of how it was founded, why it’s different and what your overall mission is with this venture. Forbes sums it up in a simple question: “What’s your origin story that makes you a superhero among brands?”

2. Know your people 

For every effort you do, whether it’s branding, PR or marketing, you MUST know your target audience to succeed. Your audience consists of more than just numbers. They are people with needs, wants, emotions and backstories. Your job is to tap into every person and tell the right story to them to ensure your message gets across and resonates with them directly.

Take a look at your present audience and your competitor audience, listen to them and how they interact in the social sphere. Look at what content/ stories deliver the best quality that converts and creates conversation amongst the audience. Often, you’ll need to cultivate stories for more than one persona.


3. Make it emotional and personal

Customers care when you make it personal and connect with every one of them on a deeper level. According to HBR, making an emotional connection with your audience is more important than customer satisfaction.

But how do you make that connection to increase your overall brand awareness? It’s all down to telling your story and humanising your brand and company. Make your content personal by encouraging team members to contribute and interact face to face with customers. Instead of just listing your product and services, tell the story behind them. It’s all about personalisation and encouraging your audience to feel what your brand is all about.

4. Data plays a key role 

Don’t make overarching statements. Tell stories. Within brand storytelling, data plays a key role. As Forbes puts it, “interpret data with originality to make stories believable, engaging your audience and converting them into buyers all at once.” By considering data, brands can evoke a wider range of emotions and reactions from their audience. The more deeply you understand your audience, the better. Make your audience stop, listen, think and then act.


5. Let your customers tell the story 

Whilst brands should be communicating their brand story and core values through all their marketing efforts, getting your customer to share their own stories in relation to your brand is a powerful approach.

A brand story always sounds better when it comes from the customer. Therefore, people tend to read reviews before they invest in a product or service.

This highlights why brand storytelling and getting your customer to be your advocate is so effective for many brands and businesses as it adds an emotional touch and authenticity to your story.

Here at VO Group, we’re all about telling brand stories and telling them well. Get in touch today to start telling your story!

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