Types of Video Content for Marketing

Types of Video Content for Marketing

You’ve probably heard us say a thousand times to use video content in your marketing strategy. Video content, more often than not, engages the audience more than written content.

There are many ways you can incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. In particular there are various videos which can be utilised to generate brand awareness, visibility and leads. Not too mention, video content is a great way to capture the attention of a wide audience base.


At the top of the marketing funnel (the awareness stage) there are certain videos which can be used as a form of introduction to your brand:

1) Brand films
Brand films are fantastic for acquainting an audience with your message, values, goals and who you are at your core. You can utilise stunning visuals, storytelling, and people to introduce your brand story.

2) Educational videos
If your audience has questions as soon as they discover your brand, an educational video is a great way to answer any questions they have. In the top of your funnel, a lot of the audience are searching for information and value so this is where these types of videos hit the mark.

3) Animation videos
Animation is truly a unique way to capture attention. These types of videos bring a new dimension to your brand as this content can be memorable and engaging whilst still being informative at the outset.



In the middle of the funnel (the consideration stage), you begin nurturing the leads you obtained from the top-funnel content efforts. It’s the stage where you build relationships with your users and steer them towards engaging further with your brand.

1) Company culture videos
Perhaps your customer is a bit hesitant to go further because they don’t have a feel for who your people are? One of the biggest reasons video works is because it can show who the people behind the brand are. This helps build familiarity and trust. Whether its employee interviews, a look inside the office, funny Q+A’s, these videos are fantastic for showcasing your humans and your company culture.

2) Product or service videos
A lot like the educational videos, these content pieces can go in depth about your product or service. These videos are key for establishing brand authority and again, answer those important questions customers may have. Videos significantly reduce the burden on your customers and will help them quickly understand your product or service and how it mitigates their problem.

3) Testimonials
This is the video where you highlight social proof. Perhaps you have some customers or clients that are happy to go on video and be quoted. Not only is it a positive way to strengthen your bond with these customers, but also demonstrates to others out there that your product or service actually fixes a problem or addresses their needs.

4) Video emails
If you have prospective customers signing up for more information, updates about your product or service, it’s key that you engage with them through email. What better way than to send a video to capture their attention and give them information that perhaps they weren’t even looking for.



This is the part of the funnel that matters. Your potential customers are on the verge of making a purchase but are still weighing up their options. You just need to steer them in your direction.

1) FAQ video (or ‘80% videos’)
Commonly asked questions are called that for a reason. They’re the questions that everybody asks despite the information probably being available already on your website or socials. To save having to answer the same questions over and over again, make an 80% video which answers the general questions people want answered.

2) Instructional videos
If your initial product or service video didn’t engage your customer enough, try a demonstration or tutorial. These videos can visually answer those leftover questions or concerns customers have.


If you aren’t thinking about video in your marketing strategy, then you are missing out on a certain audience base. Video is fundamental to any marketing efforts and can be the difference between just getting a lead or building a long-lasting relationship with a customer.

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