Top 9 Benefits of Website Live Chats

Top 9 Benefits of Website Live Chats

Marketers know that quality customer service plays a key role in business. Customer satisfaction and connection can help grow your customer base. Many ecommerce websites add live chat in order to provide real time answers to their customers and humanise their brand even further.

So, what are the benefits of adding live chat support to your website?

1. Reduced expenses
Phone support is how companies have traditionally connected with customers and fielded queries. However, live chat doesn’t cost much more than a quality email support system and is cheaper than phone support. Live chat enables your team members to multitask and assist several customers at once thereby reducing the expense of a large support team.

2. Increases conversions and sales 
Studies have shown that live chat can drive 3 to 5 times more conversions and that customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t. Having a real person support you through your purchase adds confidence in the customer and therefore leads to a higher average order value. Live chat tends to be an effective avenue for generating leads and making sales.

3. Improved customer loyalty 
Customers feel more confident doing business with a brand that has easily accessible support and is instantaneous. Again, if you have a service that can directly support your customers as soon as they need it, it is the best way to improve customer loyalty and build a stronger connection.

4. Discover what’s not working 
Through your customer journey, you will work out what’s not working in terms of customer’s interaction. However, live chat also allows you to figure out what the customer’s main pain points are and how they can be resolved and managed. With live chat, team members have access to chat histories which can then be utilised to discover key problems or the needs of their customers and find ways to address them.

5. Faster problem resolutions 
There is nothing worse for a brand than having a problem go unnoticed and unsolved as this tends to leave a negative impression on the customer. With live chats, team members are able to provide troubleshooting and resolution procedures step by step and help customers solve their online issues.

6. Competitive advantages
Many businesses still do not have a live chat system on their website. This tends to suggest that if you opt to install live chat capabilities on your website, chances are that you are ahead of certain competitors in terms of providing real time support to customers. It’s also likely that there are greater opportunities to engage markets that might ordinarily head to your competitors site.

7. Expanded market reach 
With live chat capabilities you have more of an opportunity to connect with a market that may not necessarily be in your direct vicinity. Customers like doing business with brands that they have quick and easy access to and with live chat it makes it simper for them to contact, make enquiries or arrange purchases. Live chat is crucial for reaching those customers far and wide.

8. Proactive outreach 
Don’t wait for your visitors to come to you, utilise live chat to initiate conversations. Modern live chat systems allow agents to interact with visitors as soon as they arrive on a website and this proactive chat initiation can help these visitors find the information they require faster.

9. Reports and analytics
Quality live chat can give businesses the ability to view numerous custom reports as well as chat histories. Access to this type of data allows you to see how many people are visiting your website, how many chat requests are accepted and other metrics that can allow you to adjust your marketing strategies to draw more traffic.

Live chat is a crucial addition to any website and has the ability to increase your sales, conversions and customer base.

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