Tips for implementing effective pr

Tips for implementing effective pr

A PR campaign can have a long-lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and public image.

And it must be well-planned. An effective PR campaign is more than just a press release on a new product or fundraiser to raise brand awareness. To create a remarkably effective PR campaign, you need to take some big extra steps.

If done right, your PR campaign can attract positive national media attention, boost sales and establish a positive relationship between your company and the public for years to come.


How to Run an Effective PR Campaign?

Set a Goal, its Limitations, and Metric of Success

Start with a big-picture goal. Do you want to reach a new audience? Want to boost sales on a product or build a positive relationship with the public?

Know Your Audience

  • Before you can choose how you want to deliver your PR message, you must decide who you want to receive it. Take the time to establish which customer persona you want this campaign to reach.

Choose the Right Platform

  • Once you’ve decided on a target persona, you’ll want to choose your preferred platform for delivering your message. For instance, does your target audience get their information from magazine or TV?

Find Your Creative Angle.

  • No one says you can’t run a successful campaign on small news, like a company award, but your story must be interesting to the public. Luckily, every story has a creative angle. Look at it from the audiences point of view. Why should they care?

Write an Exceptional Press Release 

  • If you want journalists to help you, you need to help them. Rather than writing a press release like a promotion, write a strong news angle.

Distribute Wisely

  • Once you’ve figured out your newsworthy angle, distribute it to the media publications that are relevant to your industry. You can even send the story to local TV or radio stations. It’s imperative you’ve done your research on media companies by visiting their website and seeing how much your industry influences the publication’s news stream.

Build Relationships with Journalists

  • While this is a long-term approach, you can certainly start building relationships with journalists during your campaign. Instead of sending your story to a generic news desk, identify the names of the journalists who most often write about topics related to your industry.

Link Building

  • Once your story begins spreading throughout the media, it’s critical that you take advantage of the traction you’re getting for a long-term boost to your website’s domain authority.

Social Shares

  • Similar to link building, asking media outlets who published your article to share it on their social channels is an effective method to attract a large audience to your campaign.

Write a Company Blog Post

  • If your campaign is successful, you’ll likely see an increase in visits to your website. Capitalise on this increased traffic by writing your own blog post, detailing the same information you wrote in your press release. This will enable your business to provide relevant information to people who want to learn more about your campaign and the services you provide.

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