The Power Of The Hashtag

The Power Of The Hashtag

Have you noticed these at the end of our Instagram posts? #creativeagency #vogroup #MarketingManagement #webdesign…. Do you constantly seeing #tbt #selfie #instagood #fitness #throwback all over social media? 

These are one thing every social media platform has in common and needs: hashtags. As an essential social media ingredient, the hashtag is key to creating engagement and connection with your audience. It makes your content discoverable by a niche audience.

At VO Group, we harness the power of the hashtag by inserting them into brands marketing and social media strategies. We know that a good hashtag can spark conversation, boost a brand’s SEO and engage audiences through user generated content.

Here are some tips for harnessing the power of the hashtags:

#Start the conversation 

A single hashtag has the ability to start a conversation amongst your audience and reach those you aren’t connected to yet. However, they also have the ability to make your brand or campaign go viral. Choose a hashtag that sparks conversation or see what’s trending and utilise that to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic.

#Engage your Target audience 

Remember the #IceBucketChallenge or the #seeaustralia campaigns? Each hashtag is used to encourage user generated content. By setting up a hashtag it enables your audience to post and follow along. It ensures interaction and collaboration between your brand and the audience. Likewise, a hashtag that is utilised in your audience’s posts can also result in increased conversion rates as it helps those ‘on the fence’ consumers build trust in your brand as they’ve seen other individuals use the hashtag.

#Cross promote across all channels 

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube all have hashtag capabilities. Choosing a universal hashtag or keyword that can be utilised across all platforms, will encourage further engagement and ensures your content is universally discoverable.

#Consider brand hashtags 

A branded hashtag or key phrase associated with a brand is one that is unique to your brand or your campaign. A branded hashtag could be related to the product, service, company motto, specific PR or marketing campaign or just general company life. Again, branded hashtags can drive participation, interest and awareness in your brand and assert your presence online.

#Event specific hashtags

Whether you’re the one holding the event or there’s a popular world event going on, creating a specific hashtag that complements an event will enable your audience to engage and follow along, or build your authority as a knowledgeable brand who is up to date with what’s happening.
An event specific hashtag generates buzz amongst your target audience and connects your audience with others with similar interests, thereby extending your reach and online exposure.

If it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the many social media platforms out there, hashtags are crucial for your brand to increase engagement, optimise SEO, enhance exposure, promote to a niche audience or start a movement. Ultimately, brands have to consider which are the most appropriate hashtags for generating the most awareness and interest and most importantly, ensuring they encourage audience interaction.

In need of a social media strategy that will #engage your audience? Get in touch with VO Group!

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