The latest updates in the social mediascape

The latest updates in the social mediascape

Social media platforms are constantly changing to offer users a better experience. Whether it’s  latest updates, new features or functionalities, the world of social media is constantly evolving. This year in particular, we’ve seen platforms adapt and pivot  to offer users more online.

So, what’s the latest in the social mediascape?

1. Facebook adding a paid option to charge for live streams
Facebook has announced that it’ll be adding the option for people to charge for access to events with Facebook Live streams. Whilst no date has been set for this feature, Facebook has noted that it will support small businesses who can’t do events face to face.

2. WhatsApp launches new features

WhatsApp have officially launched a new, 8 person group video chat option. This will be useful for those wanting to connect with more people at one time.

Along with this new feature, WhatsApp has launched various tools to limit the spread of misleading reports about COVID-19. The platform has partnered with Poynter on a new fact checking bot, which can provide an answer on over 4,000 hoaxes within seconds.

3. LinkedIn adds new tools to improve digital recruitment

With social distancing measures in place, it makes it difficult for job interviews to take place. LinkedIn is adding an AI-enabled assessment tool that can help candidates better prepare for the interview process. The platform is enabling recruiters to ask candidates to submit video responses to questions, which helps the employer assess their communication skills.

Also, the new automated interview feedback tool enables users to record themselves answering interview questions and get real time feedback.

This will be a great feature for businesses who can’t see candidates in person and provides an opportunity for job hunters to prepare prior to having an interview.

4. Instagram is working on new ways to navigate through Stories feed

Instagram is testing new ways to navigate through your Stories feed in the app. This update could make it easier for users to sift through their Stories stream and quickly get to content that’s relevant for them.

5. Pinterest launches updated Shopify integration

Pinterest has recently launched a new app with Shopify that gives their merchants a quick way to upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins. This integration will allow tag installation, catalogue ingestion, automatic daily updating of products and an ads buying interface.

This integration is handy for brands that utilise Pinterest as a key marketing tool. It will be a great opportunity for brands to visually market their products to a new demographic and capture leads.

6. Instagram allows users to fundraise for nonprofits via Instagram Live

Instagram has launched a new way for users to fundraise for nonprofits via Instagram Live. The new feature will allow anyone to create fundraisers while live streaming and money raised will go directly to the charity.

Brands could utilise this feature to fundraise for a cause that’s relevant and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

7. TikTok adds new video editing feature

TikTok has added a new feature which allows users to take different video clips and move them around to their desired sequence. Instead of doing videos in one take, users have the opportunity to edit the clips, splice and order.

That’s the tea as it currently is in the world of social media. It’s important that brands keep up with platforms as they evolve and enhance their offerings online. There’s so much opportunity online and brands can capitalise on this to connect and engage with their audiences.

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