The Importance of Maintaining Your Website

The Importance of Maintaining Your Website


Your website is your brand’s most valuable asset. It is important your website is consistently maintained in order to ensure it is positively affecting your potential customers.

As a fundamental element of your marketing strategy, your website acts as your audience’s first impression of your business. It’s crucial that you leave them with a good impression.

Why is it important to update your website regularly?

1. Builds trust with your customers 

Keeping your content consistent and up to date on your website builds trust between you and your audience. Most of the time, customers rely on your website to answer the questions they have about your brand and what you offer. So, having outdated content is likely to deter potential customers and can highlight to your customers that you aren’t credible or up to date with latest trends and changes.

2. It reflects your brand

If your brand has changed directions, you need to ensure that your website reflects these changes and is easily recognisable by your audience. Having website content and a design that you had in 2010 won’t reflect the changes your brand has probably gone through. This has the potential to confuse those who come looking. It’s crucial your website and its content reflect where your brand is at right now, and this should constantly change as you change.

3. It allows your customers to reach you

In addition, if you’re an agency looking for more clients, or a lifestyle brand looking for more customers to purchase products, how do you expect those people to engage with your brand or company if your contact information isn’t up to date? People come to your website to ask questions, find information or to get in contact. Information like phone numbers, emails and locations need to be updated consistently. This is to ensure you are available at any moment to build connections with customers.

4. Give your customers a reason to come back

Keeping your website up to date with fresh content, updates and offers encourages your customers to find out more and continue to come back. If they leave your website the first time with a good impression, you can bet they’ll be back.

5. Boosts your search engine ranking (SEO) 

Therefore, if you haven’t touched your website the day you created it, you probably don’t have a great ranking right now. So, if your site has new, informative content every other day, it will likely keep visitors on your website longer and improve your overall dwell time; (as this impacts your SEO ranking). Also, the more often you update your website, the more likely the search engines will crawl your site and boost your ranking.

To ensure long-term success of your website, you need to refresh the content and design often.

Here are some things to consider:
  1. Update the content to reflect your current products or services and include content such as blogs or news updates that piques the interest of customers. Include as much new and relevant information as you can.
  2. Ensure your contact information such as location, email and number are always up to date.
  3. Refresh your website design to reflect the current state of the industry. You don’t necessarily need to follow design trends but you should ensure that your website is crisp and is changing as you develop as a brand.
  4. Include keywords in your content and pages. Having content that utilise keywords will allow for greater traffic.
  5. Keep the target customer at the forefront. Your target market will likely change over the years. It’s crucial that you adapt the content, design and elements on your website to reflect this.

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