The digital landscape during COVID-19: content, platforms and other trends you need to know

The digital landscape during COVID-19: content, platforms and other trends you need to know

COVID-19 has seen us shift our digital and content strategies to ensure we are adapting to the new digital normal. More people are online, engaging with content, downloading new apps and connecting with friends through video platforms. Consumers are looking for content that entertains and informs, are shopping online more and using platforms both new to the scene and old.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us towards our devices for work, connection and comfort.

So, what trends are we seeing?
1. Rise in video calling platforms

Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams have seen a huge surge in users with more and more people using these platforms for work, schooling and social activities.

Houseparty has been another winner, especially amongst younger users who use the platform to catch up with friends and family during lockdown. However, whilst users are utilising these platforms frequently throughout the day, there are increased concerns about privacy.

2. People are spending huge amounts of time on social media

According to We Are Social’s Digital 2020 April Global Statshot Report, more than 47% of internet users around the world say they’ve been spending more time on social media during lockdown. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp and Instagram have seen an increase in people on their apps.

Interestingly, internet users are wanting more content such as funny memes, how to’s and tutorials, live streams and updates from bloggers. It’s clear that entertaining and engaging content is resonating with audiences and brands have a real opportunity to harness the traffic spikes on each platform.

3. TikTok

TikTok has seen a significant jump in downloads with its user base expanding beyond its Gen Z audience. How many TikTok videos have you seen of kids and their parents learning a dance? We know we’ve seen a lot of these videos! TikTok is offering a much-needed avenue for connecting with people and its acted as a source of levity.

4. Ecommerce traffic has risen in certain industries

Supermarkets, retail, media, telecom, home furnishings and DIY and fashion are among some of the industries that have seen a rise in terms of traffic on ecommerce stores. In Australia specifically, there has been a 30% increase of internet users who say they have spent more time shopping online.

5. Influencer marketing is shifting

Despite marketing budgets slashed and campaigns put on hold, there’s data that highlights influencers audiences are more engaged than ever. This is likely due to the number of consumers online. Whilst influencers are continuing to post sponsored content, the messaging has pivoted to be more authentic, sensitive and acknowledges the new normal.

6. Social media advertising is still relevant

According to We Are Social’s report, a typical Facebook user clicked 24 times on ads this month. Facebook ad engagement has increased in recent weeks, potentially due to more people spending longer on social media. However, it highlights there are opportunities for brands to utilise digital advertising to reach a broader and engaged audience.

What can you do to keep up with the trends?
  • Get content savvy on the major platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram and provide content that is valuable, entertaining and comforting. There’s a real opportunity to connect with audiences and give them organic content that is relevant and offers some levity.
  • Have you got a TikTok account? The platform has such a broad audience right now so it could be a great avenue to reach a broader audience.
  • Brainstorm ways that you can offer your service or product through ecommerce channels.
  • Continue to advertise on social media but shift your content towards providing value pieces. This could be how-to’s, tutorials or informative content such as an eBook.
  • If you have the budget and the industry you’re in is relevant, harness influencer marketing by connecting with people who are creating value in the current climate.

This is a very unprecedented time for businesses, but there are avenues you can leverage to engage with your customers. The landscape is ever changing at the moment, but one thing is clear, businesses must have a digital strategy.

Fun statistic for you to round out this blog. There has been an unprecedented use of the word “unprecedented” from January to March this year, with an increased growth in the number of people Googling the word.

Maybe it’s time to find a different word? *Googles synonyms for unprecedented*

An update on us:

We’re still here, still connected and still BAU (business as usual). If you need help, would like a chat or even a 1:1 where we can give you some direction during this time, enquire now and we can set up a Zoom or a phone call.

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