Social Media Tips for your Business

Social Media Tips for your Business


Social media tricks for 2018!

Does anyone feel like it was just Christmas a few days ago? While this year seems like it is flying past, the VO team are working like busy bees to stay ahead of the game and continuously find new ways to build our clients brand and image.

Thankfully for you, VO will always have our fingers on the pulse. As we are a creative agency, we are constantly adapting to the ever-changing world of social media and marketing and researching new, unique strategies.

In our technology-driven society, many of the communications channels are rapidly growing, and it can be difficult for businesses and brands to get a specific and clear message across. Trying to find the most suitable for your consumers or viewers can be difficult.

To ensure you maintain your goals for 2018 and stay on track to success, we have compiled a must-know guide on all things relating to social media to help you and your business’ brand get the most amount of exposure. Keep reading to find out more!

Facebook –

For those out there that don’t like change, let’s have a moment to vent our frustration over the new Facebook algorithm. The change implemented the promotion of personal content over public content. It includes news and other posts from publishers or businesses.

According to a Facebook announcement from Zuckerberg, the change has been made to endeavour to get back to the basics on the original version of the platform. Ultimately, Facebook was designed to bring people closer together by connecting with meaningful posts from friends and family.

Our top tips for ensuring huge engagement on Facebook?

Firstly, create engaging content. This is a no-brainer but when push comes to shove. It can be overwhelming to figure out what content your audience wants to see.

Comments, likes and engagement are more important than ever! No longer is it about the number of followers (thanks to bought followers), but creating engaging content circles back to the number of interactions on your posts.

Video content will always be the number one way to engage viewers. A short 10 second video is the best way to promote a product. It gives viewers an inside glimpse and ultimately humanises your brand and builds that trust and positive relationship.

It’s long enough for users to watch the entire video without bouncing. We suggest start incorporating videos on social media as they will continue to appear in viewer’s news feeds; especially live videos as they receive six times more interaction that a regular video.

Investing in Facebook ads and marketing is a great way to get more exposure. Social media is no longer free and if you want to see any results or engagement you’ll have to start $$$$.

Instagram –

Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to promotion strategy for businesses. With over 25 million businesses now embracing the platform, it seems that consumers and customers are turning to Instagram to check out the social posts.

Along with Facebook, Instagram has switched from the chronological feed that everyone loved to an algorithmic feed which is proving to be less than favourable. To understand how Instagram’s algorithm works, it’s important to consider its purpose.

The algorithm needs you to keep scrolling down the feed and if it doesn’t show you interesting and engaging content, then you’ll leave the app.

“People miss on average 70% of their feeds and as Instagram has grown, it has become harder to keep up with all the videos and photos people share. It means you don’t often see the posts you might care about most,” says and Instagram spokesperson.

The new algorithm evaluates how people see your content. When you first post an image, it’s only shown to a small percentage of your audience (not ideal right?).

Instagram then measures how quickly that photo is engaged with and the will compare your engagement with other posts you’ve shared at a similar time of the day.

But if that photo is attracting a lot of engagement, Instagram will show it to a higher percentage of your audience. And, if you are really lucky, Instagram may even surface it onto the Explorer Page!

The more engagement your post attracts, the longer it will stay at the top of your audience’s news feed. Similarly, if it doesn’t attract much engagement then it will get pushed further down the page (byeeee!).

Our tips?

Post your pictures when you know your audience is most active on Instagram. If your business account is on Instagram, check the Insights on the page and see which posts are the most popular.

This is a good indicator of what types of posts you should continue. Create ‘humanised’ posts your audience will enjoy and get value from. Instead of hard sales and advertising, consider using content that your audience will enjoy.

Keeping up with the changes of social media can be difficult, that’s why VO is here to help. If you’re looking for social media management or a digital marketing strategy to grow your brand’s image. Make the most of your online presence, contact us today!

We know all the tricks of the trade and will access your current social media strategy and will talk you through suggestions to implement.

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