Social Media and Copywriting

Social Media and Copywriting

Social media is key for any marketing strategy. Social media is popular amongst many key audiences and brands need to be confident and engaging when it comes to creating content for social platforms. 

With various social media channels, billions of users and people sharing, retweeting, posting and tagging content every day, how do you cut through the noise and be authentic to your audience?

In order for brands to stand out in front of the crowd, it’s crucial that their social media copy speaks directly to what the audience wants to know or needs. 


Know your platforms 

Every social network has a purpose and its key that brands understand what that purpose is and how to craft their messages concisely. 

  1. Facebook 

Facebook sends more referral traffic than any other network and content that is posted should be focused towards news and entertainment. This platform has a good amount of space for copy and allows for opportunities to spark conversation, however don’t go overboard with content. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform so it tends to suggest that it isn’t optimal for a lot of copy. However, it is a great platform for adding hashtags and short copy that is engaging, catchy and gives context to an image. Instagram is an incredible space to be creative and visual. 

3. Twitter 

Twitter is primarily a news platform and retweeting and content curation is encouraged. This platform has a limited character allocation however it is a great platform for sharing content from a website in particular. 

4. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a professional network and the content that is shared on the platform should reflect this tone. This platform is primarily used for sharing industry articles and other professional content or tips and tricks. LinkedIn’s copy allowance is limited to 600 characters and hashtags don’t tend to be popular on this network.  


Copywriting formulas that work well 

Copywriting is likely to be different for everyone. 

Coschedule has some key formulas that you can utilise when creating copy for your brand’s social media platforms. It is essential that when writing copy you are clear, concise, compelling and credible. This simple formula ensures your audience can understand what you are offering and how it will benefit them. It also establishes brands as credible and trustworthy. 

Likewise, the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) formula is a classic way to write copy. This encourages you to demand your audience’s attention, ignite their interest, generate desire and have a clear call-to-action. 

Your overall goal should always be to interest and inspire action from your audience. Provide value for them in your copy and give them a subtle nudge towards the next step. 


Tips for posting content on social media

Hootsuite gives some tips on how you can create deeper connections with your audience online.

  1. Be honest and authentic

There’s no use fluffing up content. Audiences are perceptive and more often than not, they will know when you’re being dishonest. When posting to social media, you need to ensure your copy is authentic. 

  1. If you mess up, let them know 

Every brand or person has done it. A typo, a confusing post or a badly worded response to a query. If something like this happens, don’t waste any time owning up to it or fixing the mistake. If you own your mistake, it humanises the brand and gets your desired message across. 

Social media stuff ups happen but it’s crucial that brands are meticulous when it comes to copywriting and posting to social media channels. 

  1. Write to engage 

Let’s be real, we’re all a bit over the clickbait copy. However, it’s not to say it doesn’t work some of the time. The primary goal of social media is to create content that gets engagement. But, it should authentic content that sparks interest and action.

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