Short-Stay Hotel Platform is Changing Traditional Booking Sites

Short-Stay Hotel Platform is Changing Traditional Booking Sites

Introducing a game changer for 2019. Australia’s first short-stay booking platform. VO Group has been appointed to lead the branding and communications campaigns for Suite24 –

Have you ever found yourself at the airport waiting to board your flight, only to find out that it has been delayed for SIX hours?!!

While sleeping in the airport terminal is out of the question and the idea of booking a hotel room at the full rate seems too much for a short amount of time.

Introducing Suite24- Australia’s Short-Stay Hotel Booking Platform.

The concept of Suite24 is that it enables you to book hotel rooms in hourly time blocks, without the price tag of an overnight stay.

Now you can stay in an airport hotel throughout the duration of your layover and come back to board the flight feeling refreshed and revived.

The market of hotel and tourism is experiencing a lack of flexible booking options and now the new custom-built platform enables hotels to manage their inventory hourly.

Not only used for businessmen and women, Suite24 works great for those that want a couple of hours in the daytime to use facilities in centrally located hotels in major capital cities.

Starsha Green of Suite24 conducted market research in the space and discovered 85% of the hotel rooms sit vacant between the times of 10am and 5pm every day.

“In perspective, there are around 300,000 hotel rooms in Australia and adding another 10,000 by 2020.

“With Suite24, hotels can turn those empty rooms into high revenue generating income streams as well as attract new demographics to those hotels through flexible and affordable options,” Starsha told guests at the 2018 Qantas Airlines AVRO Accelerator presentation in Sydney.

Suite24 is not only a solution for disruption or delayed flights, in fact it is a solution for any occasion such as stays while on road-trips, a place to get ready for a wedding and more.

“The opportunities are endless and Suite24 creates a customised experience for everyone through the digital concierge and on-demand booking system accessible through a smart phone.

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