Outsourcing vs Hiring Internally

Outsourcing vs Hiring Internally

One of the big questions agencies consider nowadays is whether to outsource or wear all the hats themselves and hire in-house. At the end of the day, both have their pros and cons.

Before we dive into the pros and cons, we need to establish what outsourcing exactly is and what hiring in-house means (although, I’m sure you’ve already figured out what that is!).

What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing is the practice of hiring outside specialists or generalists to perform certain tasks that could be handled within a team or business. These could include freelancers or outside agencies that are proficient in skills such as SEO, copywriting or web development.

What is hiring in-house?
Hiring in house simply means that specialists tasks such as marketing, photography, videography, web design will be done by people who are hired and trained within your company. You don’t use a third party to perform these tasks. The in-house approach is more common among small to medium sized companies because these tasks can be managed by a relatively small team.

Pros and Cons of Hiring In House 


1. Connection
The most valuable aspect of having an internal team of creative experts is that each team member is deeply connected to the company, its mission, values and culture. Likewise, an internal creative team are fully immersed in the organisation 24/7 and are connected to their clients in a way an outsourced creative may not be.

2. Depth of understanding 
Having an internal full creative team means they are likely to understand not only your company but also your clients like the back of their hand. Your creative team is fully immersed in the company and client work all day, every day. They will likely know it better than any random outsourced individual and are likely more invested.

In this instance, effort is also saved when it comes to briefings as creatives are all in one place and will have access to information that makes it easier to contextualise their work in a bigger picture.

3. Dedication 
It goes hand in hand with everything else, but having a fully serviced internal creative team means having a team that is devoted to working on anything and everything related to your organisation and its clients.

4. Speed 
With everyone in one place, an internal team can often complete high-priority tasks quickly and are skilled at pulling off long-term strategic projects. This can sometimes be considered a negative as well, as more often than not, internal teams are juggling other tasks and this may hinder the timing on certain projects.

5. Interest 
A final positive for hiring in house is clients tend to take interest in teams that can perform all the tasks they need to in the same location, whether it be to create a website, reach out to media or create video content for a brand. It’s easier to have one team do it all, rather than outsource for client work.


1. Finding skilled individuals 
Sometimes, finding quality talent can be tough. Especially, when it comes to individuals who are needed for specific skills such as SEO or UX/UI design.

2. Expensive 
Hiring in-house can be an expensive task that can also take a lot of time. Finding, interviewing and negotiating can take time and on-boarding new employees can be an expensive process.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing


1.Cheaper than full-time staff 
Talking about pricing in relation to this industry can be all over the place, however generally, outsourcing for certain tasks such as content writing or SEO can be cheaper than hiring a full-time individual.

2. Faster turnaround (potentially) 
Depending on the task, the person you outsource may only take on one project at a time, thereby allowing them to get it done faster. With an outsourced individual you can set more aggressive timelines for completing tasks. However, there is a negative in that they are prioritising other projects over yours and timelines could be ignored.

3. Specialisation 
Outsourcing makes it easier to hire an individual or agency who are experts at a particular skill, for example stop motion animation or paid search media. It’s simpler to hire someone on a short-term basis rather than a full time individual who may not have certain experience in the area that you are in particular need of.

4. Fresh perspective 
Sometimes it’s hard for an internal creative group to keep their ideas fresh and new and having an outsourced individual or company could infuse fresh thinking into a project. While they may come in without the complete understanding of the company and your clients, they may be able to see opportunities that may have been overlooked by an internal creative team.


1. No connection 
Whilst a good freelancer can do their best to understand how you do things and who your clients are, it’s not realistic to expect them to understand in depth what you’re trying to achieve for your clients. In this industry, connection is everything. Whether its connection to your brand and its values, your clients and their goals, you need a team or an individual that understands the ins, outs and everything in between.

2. Communication challenges 
Unlike having an in house creative team, hiring a freelancer presents potential issues with communication and consistency. It’s not unusual to conduct business with an outside source entirely online or over the phone or video. In today’s digital sphere it makes it increasingly easy to communicate, there are always going to be technological issues and getting lost in translation can be avoided with an in house team.

3. Difficulty with quality control
Hiring in house allows you to keep tabs on where everyone is at. It encourages you to be collaborative and make changes. There is nothing more devastating to both parties, than when you get a finished job and find that it’s completely different to what you envisioned.

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