Influencer Marketing: Key Facts to Remember

Influencer Marketing: Key Facts to Remember

According to stats, the influencer phenomenon has firmly established itself over the last 5 years with almost 80% of professionals claiming to have implemented influencer campaigns in the last year – 13% increase from previous year’s figures.

As this practice becomes prevalent, there’s no denying that influencer marketing is turning into an indispensable part of our digital marketing strategies, thanks to its ability to generate brand awareness and boost sales.

90% say influencer marketing is effective for generating brand awareness. 69% for boosting sales.

  1. Influencers are great for Millennial-focused brands

The effectiveness of traditional advertising has been fading for a while, and this is largely due to the fact that millennials (24-38 year olds) prefer to engage in conversation and take part in a brand’s story rather than passively gaze at an ad.

Millennials take time to carefully select products by exploring social channels and reviews, influencers play a key role in swaying consumers one way or another – they are the direct link between the brand and the buyer.

Searching for reviews and second opinions of products isn’t the only reason why millennials look to influencers, they also seek style inspiration, thanks to social media.


  1. Brands are investing more in Tools and Specialised Teams

As influencer marketing expands throughout, more and more brands are incrementing budgets; 60% of professionals confirmed that their budgets will grow in the next year.

This increase in cash flow will continue to allow professionals to invest in influencer-relationship management teams as well as influencer-specialised tools.

As the array of micro, macro, mega and celebrity influencers continues to expand, we predict that professionals will increasingly turn to influencer marketplaces to help them choose the right opinion leader for their campaigns.


  1. Paid & Organic Strategies Coexist

Micro influencers help to engage the target audience and drive more conversions because they can connect with faithful audiences. Not all budgets can pay the lofty price of working with a mega or celebrity influencer, which is why many brands turn to micro influencers.

While micros may be more likely to accept free merchandise or products in exchange for collaborations, this isn’t the only reason why they might be the right choice for some companies.

Generating valuable content for communications was the primary objective behind working on campaigns with brands, above monetary compensation.

This is only a small snippet of what we have to offer and there’s so much more to discover from the campaigns we create. To find out more about what professionals and influencers are getting up to, contact us.


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