Importance of Mobile Apps Today

Importance of Mobile Apps Today

Nowadays, more and more businesses are looking for ways to connect with their audience on a deeper (and digital!) level. With mobile-friendly being a key trend, businesses are needing to create dedicated mobile apps. This can further their marketing and ensure their customers are informed at all times.

In 2018, consumers spent around $92.1 billion on apps. By 2021 the total number of smartphone users worldwide will reach 3.8 billion. Just by reading these statistics it is no question that mobile apps are popular amongst users and will likely become even more popular in the coming years.

So, why should businesses jump on the bandwagon and create an app? What are the benefits of developing an app for your business?

  1. Builds a loyal customer base

Without customers there are no businesses. That’s why business owners number one priority should be to their customers and building loyalty. Creating a mobile app is one of the best ways to communicate and engage with customers 24/7. An app gives your customers the ability to interact with your business in their own time and facilitates two way communication. Essentially, apps impact customers directly and creating a connection with them will foster lasting brand loyalty.

Likewise, mobile apps can provide customers with features such as real-time reminders and customer service features that all have a hand in boosting customer loyalty.

2. Increase sales

A mobile app is a great way to not only provide value to your customers but is a great platform for increasing your sales. App features such as loyalty or reward programs, online orders and social referrals are key elements that can directly increase sales.

Reward programs are a great feature to increase repeat business from loyal customers. Whilst ordering directly through an app is convenient for customers in this day and age. Also, including a social referral feature lets users post a link to your business to their social pages which allows you to leverage users networks to find a niche audience. Digital word of mouth is a crucial way to increase sales.

3. Increase brand visibility 

In a world where there are billions of smartphone users, having a dedicated mobile app will likely strengthen your brand visibility and enable you to reach a huge audience. Also, Google has a ‘mobile first’ approach which means it is simpler to get recognised and increase visibility if you have a business app.

4. Creates a direct marketing channel 

Apps serve multiple functions: they can provide information, prices, booking forms, loyalty programs, quoting, news feeds and product or service ordering.

The biggest benefit of having a mobile app is everything is in a central spot and your customers can access everything at their fingertips. Through features like push notifications you have the ability to get direct interaction and can easily remind customers about what’s new, your product or services and special promotions.

5. Increase brand recognition 

A business app can contribute greatly to your brand awareness. A mobile app is like a blank canvas. You can design it how you want and include as many features as you’d like. Customers are more inclined to engage with an app if it is on brand and user friendly and as soon as they are involved and engaged, the sooner they are inclined to purchase a product or service.

In essence, every time your mobile app is used, your brand is being promoted and this provides superb brand recognition. As Digital Agency Network puts it, your goal with your app is to ensure “your consumer will associate your brand with excellence and trust your products and services subconsciously”.

6. Competitive edge 

If you have a seamlessly performing, visually appealing app and regularly update it for your customers, you can easily put yourself ahead of the crowd. Regular updates, interactions with customers and promotions can give you a competitive edge over those in your industry who have yet to create a dedicated business app.

Mobile apps are everywhere and businesses should be leveraging the benefits of mobile apps to promote their business digitally and provide an improved customer experience.

Are you needing an app that will engage your customers and keep you ahead of the competition? Get in touch with our app wizards today!

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