How To Be Really Good at Marketing Thanks to Steve Jobs

How To Be Really Good at Marketing Thanks to Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs led the greatest turnaround in corporate history, taking Apple and turning it into one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

He didn’t look good on paper. He wasn’t an engineer, he couldn’t write a line of code and he didn’t have an MBA. He had no college degree at all. However, he was good at marketing.

Find Good Mentors

Steve Jobs may be a genius but he was also smart enough to find people he could learn from. One of his first mentors was a legendary Silicon Valley marketer and Jobs sought him out even while Apple was still just a two-man operation in a garage. This man goes by the name of Regis McKenna and McKenna helped Jobs bring on Apple’s first angel investor and marketing guru.

Make a great product

Kawasaki, who worked as an evangelist at Apple, says, “What Steve did that few marketers understand is that he first created a great product. It’s hard to market crap. Most marketers take whatever crap is thrown at them and put lipstick on the pig. Steve’s secret was to control the product and the marketing, not just the marketing.”

Use Pictures, Not Words

Apple devotes tremendous effort to saying things in as few words as possible which partly aligns with the core value of simplicity at Apple. Jobs realised that images are much more powerful storytellers than words. It goes without saying that the modern world relies on some messaging, therefore spinning a modern approach enables prospects and customers to chat with your business at their convenience.

Stand for Something

Apple would impute its values (simplicity, high quality) across everything it did – not just within the products themselves, but also through the packaging of the products, the look of its stores and even the way Apple created press releases.

Jobs did a remarkable thing at Apple by insisting on a consistency of design and taste across everything Apple did. Look at your company’s website. Do all the sections look like they were made by the same invisible hand?

Turn customers into evangelists

Possibly the biggest thing Jobs did was turn customers into passionate advocates for the Apple brand. Those people who line up outside Apple stores every time there is a new product launch. They are not there entirely for the new iPhone, they’ve come to show their support for the team, the way sports fans show up hours before a game wearing team colours.


Research shows successful people are often those who rely heavily on the power of networking. Pursuing opportunities to connect with industry leaders or professionals with varying interests and perspectives is critical to your own career growth.

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