Guide to Content Marketing

Guide to Content Marketing

Guide to Content Marketing

Consumers consume A LOT of content. That’s why content marketing has become a popular way for businesses to engage and interact with their target audience. By providing your audience with useful content that educates them on your product or services and highlights how your offerings effectively solve their pain points and needs, you can increase conversions, improve brand awareness and boost revenue.

What is content marketing? 

Hubspot defines content marketing as planning, creating, distributing, sharing and publishing content to reach a desired audience. For a brand, this tactic is useful for improving awareness, driving sales and engaging prospective customers.

Why content marketing? 

Among others, content marketing has the ability to:

  1. Improve brand reputation by building trust: When you produce great content, customers start to develop an opinion of your brand and if they find it engaging, educational and valuable they will trust in your brand.
  2. Influence conversions: Content marketing encourages conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make a decision.
  3. Improve overall SEO efforts: As Lyfe Marketing  puts it, the more content you have on your site, the more pages the search engine has to index and show to users in their search engine results. Mostly, it gives more reasons for your visitors to stick around.
  4. Improve lead generation: If you’re highlighting your expertise through your content, you are likely to start generating more leads as it shows you’re a leader in your industry.

Examples of content marketing 

There are plenty of options when it comes to content marketing. However there are some popular choices that tend to pique interest when it comes to an audience.

1. Social Media
This one is probably quite obvious. With billions of global users, many businesses have jumped on the social media bandwagon in order to connect with their desired audience. Whether it’s images or videos, these platforms provides a plethora of opportunities to drive audience engagement and interest.

2. Blogging
Blogs are a powerful content medium for inbound marketing and sharing useful information with your customers and target audience. Blogs have the ability to convert readers into customers, boost brand awareness and build trust and loyalty with an audience. Need an example of what to include in a blog? Well, you’re reading one right now. Blog content should keep readers engaged and educated.

3. Video marketing
As we’ve highlighted in the past, consumers tend to engage more in video content than any other form. Video marketing has the ability to boost conversions, improve return on investment and helps engage your audience. Need to capture your audience’s attention? Try creating some video content for your social platforms or your website.

4. Podcasts
Podcasts are an immensely popular content medium as they are convenient and easy to consume. An easy way to help improve brand awareness and promote your products and services is to create a podcast and start talking! Your podcasts can also have a blog or transcript posted to your website in order to further engage the audience.

5. Infographics
Like video content, infographics are a great tool to capture audience interest. It’s widely known that individuals prefer visual content than written and are more likely to engage with it. Infographics display your content in an easy to understand format and communicates your core message or information in a simplistic yet appealing visual.

6. E – books 
Another great way to display content and inform your customers is through an e-book. E-book’s offer customers information, whether it be text, images, or both, about products, services or a brand in general. This form of content marketing is useful for potential customers to educate themselves about your brand and your offerings and is key to driving engagement, generating leads and producing conversions.

There are plenty of content mediums that marketers can utilise in order to reach their target audience. With effective content marketing, brands can increase their conversions, boost their revenue and most importantly, build relationships with prospective customers and maintain links with already loyal followers.

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