Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

Whether you’re new to email marketing or are an expert in the field, your goal is to send the best email marketing campaigns that generate higher opens, clicks and conversions.

But, are you aware that email marketing plays a key role in your customer journey? As GetResponse highlights, whilst “email is neither the first nor the last touchpoint between a customer and your brand in the path to purchase”, it is a powerful marketing tool before, during and after a purchase.

Email marketing enables you to build a reputation as an industry expert, provides customers with unique product or service features and highlights the benefits of using your product. It also helps to build relationships with your customers and encourages interest and engagement in other elements such as your website or landing page.

So, in order to ensure your email marketing is supporting the customer journey, here are some best practice tips for your future campaigns!

1. Use welcome emails 
A welcome email is critical to your marketing strategy. The initial email will help keep your email list refined and improves your deliverability. Equally, it reassures your new email recipients that the sign up worked and the information they need is on its way. Also, it helps connect with new subscribers and allows you to offer something exclusive at the beginning of their journey.

2. Automation 
Email marketing automation is crucial to your campaign as it supports the customer journey towards the first purchase and allows you stay in touch with your customer after their purchase. Marketers should be programming messages to be automatically sent to the customers at key touch points for example: a purchase confirmation email, a “How is it going?” email once a product has been received by a customer, or notification of an event or promotion. An email marketing automation feature is key as it allows you to match the needs and wants of your customers and distinguish critical touch points.

3. Make it personal 
Ever received an email with a “no reply” email address? “No reply” prevents recipients from responding and potentially opting out of further emails. Don’t make it harder for your customers to give feedback, be authentic and ditch the “no reply”. Stick to a personalised email address and include a greeting that uses the customer’s name. Personalised greetings encourage your customers to open the email thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale.

4. Use lead magnets 
When you include an incentive in your subject line, you can increase your open rates and entice your customers to make a purchase or find out more information. A lead magnet is a great way to offer value to your customer right from the beginning and encourages them to act.

5. Create engaging content 
To increase those click-throughs, create “clickbait” content. In your email, include either interesting stories, industry news, videos, animations and compelling subject lines.

If you have done the initial stages of a customer journey map, you will know what your customers enjoy or resonate with and this could give you an idea as to what will engage and entice them the most through a marketing email.

6. Include a CTA 
Call to actions are crucial for any marketing email as it inspires your potential customers to take action. At any time in the customer journey, include a call to action like a “learn more” or a “sign up now”. Any of these call to actions are crucial touch points in the journey and could trigger a response from a potential customer.

7. Test, test, test 
Send a test email to a coworker or your client and find out whether they can quickly understand what the call to action is, or whether it is optimised for your potential customers. Also, consistently refer to your customer journey, if something isn’t working then reconsider who you are trying to target and make adjustments to your marketing email so that customers are can be triggered at various touch points.

If you have a well-designed customer journey map, then you are in good stead when creating an email marketing campaign. Email marketing has stood the test of time and is a great tool for getting attention in your desired market.

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