COVID-19 – now what?

COVID-19 – now what?

We don’t really like buzzwords here, and try to avoid them at all costs, but, then….COVID-19. The new buzzwords are unprecedented, amid, navigate, adapt oh and the main one for business P-I-V-O-T.

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Short answer is, we all know this is unprecedented, and we’re all trying to navigate through, amid the crisis. But how do we as business owners adapt and pivot? It’s not merely as simple as both of those 5 letter words make it sound. The crux of it is that almost every individual on the planet is currently adapting and pivoting their everyday movements, habits and lifestyle – so how can business owners be fluid with this to try and come out on the other side?

We’ve put together some tips to help our VO Community do just this.

1. Maintain your website

If you are unable to continue offering workshops, classes and experiences, now is the time to adapt and offer services online. Whether that be through a live feed, launching new e-commerce channels or writing engaging blog posts, start problem-solving ways to still market your offerings in the new era of digital, first.

Reminder: ensure you have updated your website with a dedicated response to COVID-19 and highlight how your business will be operating. Keeping your customers in the know is crucial.

2. Social media content

All eyes are on social media at the moment, so there is a perfect opportunity to be active across all channels. With more people on their phones, social media will become a daily routine that people need to keep their mind occupied. Exciting, engaging and optimistic content will go down well. Focus on content that isn’t solely sales driven but rather do a live and immersive Facebook event, showcase fun product how-to’s, record a broadcast or curate storytelling content.

3. Email marketing

In times like these, the best thing you can do is to continue building relationships with your database. However, it’s key to be tactful when sending out emails to your customers. Our advice? Acknowledge the crisis and then include a value piece such as an informative blog or fun video. You’re still ‘marketing’ your business to your customers but it’s pivoting the content towards building trust and engagement and prioritising sensitivity.

3. Continue social media advertising

Harness the power of the current digital traffic and create engaging Facebook and Instagram ads. Social media advertising is a fantastic avenue to connect with new customers and keeps your brand relevant and in front of your existing audience. Ads can also be utilised to grow your database so that when this inevitably passes you can bounce back with a stronger contact base.

4. Keep all messaging and branding consistent

With so many mixed messages online, it’s key that your branding and messaging remains consistent across all platforms. Now could be a good opportunity to focus on your branding such as your logo, style, brand colours to build a stronger brand narrative. Likewise, consistent and relevant messaging should be at the forefront of all of your activities.


The current situation is unprecedented and whilst there are many unknowns, we do know that your consumers are spending more time online, that means you should too. Keep in mind though, this is a time to focus on humanity above all else.

Some content is derived from the number of sources listed below. VO Group does not take ownership of said content. Read more about marketing during COVID-19 below or take a look at our previous blog.

An update on us:
We’re still BAU (business as usual) at VO Group, with our teams shifting to remote working for the time being. But we’re still here, and still connected. If you need help, would like a chat or maybe a 1:1 where we can give you some direction and strategic advice, enquire now and we can set up a Zoom or a phone call.

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