8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you constantly asking yourself, why can’t I drive traffic to my website? Finding the right strategies to drive people to your website is a difficult task for any business. Due to the increasing amount of noise in the digital sphere, it’s hard for brands to get themselves into the spotlight.

We’ve put together some organic and paid strategies you can utilise to drive visitors to your website.

1. Content creation
Content creation is crucial to attracting the right people to your website. You should have worked out who your audience is and what content sparks their interest. For example, your audience may prefer to read informative or educational blogs or watch videos. If you implement content that resonates directly with your audience then it will keep them engaged and wanting more. This is key to promoting your brand which is core to driving traffic to your website.

2. Social media
There are a variety of social media platforms out there that can help draw traffic to your website. Brands should be utilising Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube (among others) to craft content that speaks directly to an audience. Once your audience are engaged on these platforms, you can then use these spaces to promote your website and encourage people to check out your product or service. As such, these platforms are a fantastic avenue for also promoting content offers, which in turn can drive people to your website.

3. SEO
If you haven’t wrapped your head around SEO yet, you REALLY need to. In particular on-page search engine optimisation can help your website rank higher in search engines thereby heightening your overall brand exposure. Some on page elements to consider are headers, URL’s, keywords, internal linking, high-quality copy and mobile responsiveness. By incorporating these elements, visitors are more likely to see your website in the crowd. It’s also important to use tools such as Google Analytics to ensure you are creating content and utilising keywords that are known to drive high traffic.

4. Email list building
Email marketing is a great tool for engaging an audience and encouraging them to visit your website. However, in order to drive traffic, you need to curate an email list. To build an email list or grow your current list, consider doing content offers (i.e. guides, webinars, demos, free information), easy-access newsletter sign up forms, giveaways or promote it on social media. Using email marketing is a key strategy for achieving quick traffic boosts, conversions and lead generation.

5. Community engagement
This goes hand in hand with a social media presence. If you’re actively engaged in your community online, you can easily achieve brand recognition. The more recognition you can gain, the more traffic you will likely drive to your website. For example, you could include creating a Facebook group and providing value to those followers through content and discussion.

6. Backlinks
In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to be considered an authority in your industry. One way to achieve this is to acquire quality backlinks. If high authority websites link back to your website, it will give you more credibility and lift your organic traffic.

7. Public relations
Earned media is great for enhancing brand awareness and encouraging people to your website. Through public relations you have the ability to intrigue audiences, get your product or service out there and generate word of mouth. In some cases, journalists will include backlinks to your website in their coverage however, positive coverage will drive readers to your website anyway as they are interested and are looking to find out more.

8. Paid strategies
Organic strategies are highly useful, however if you have room in the budget for paid methods, it may be worth considering implementing some key strategies.

More often than not, your paid strategy will be a combination of methods. For example you can leverage Google retargeting ads to focus on those people who have already visited your website but for some reason have left without completing their journey. These ads reach people after they’ve left and drive them back to your website.

You may couple this with a paid social media strategy by advertising on key platforms. This kind of strategy is great for enticing customers to your website and driving sales. Not to mention, utilising social media influencers as a part of your strategy has the potential to engage niche audiences and bring your website droves of customers.

If you’re struggling to get people to your website, you most definitely aren’t alone. However, if you implement a mixture of organic and paid strategies (and test what works for your audience) it will help increase your overall traffic and hopefully, turn that traffic into conversions.

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