2019 Wrapped Up

2019 Wrapped Up

Our 2019 wrapped up

As another year comes to a close, we are looking back at some of the highlights of 2019 and what will be the key digital marketing trends of 2020!

What a year it has been for VO Group. From graphic design to web development, branding, marketing and public relations, we have worked with a range of clients over various projects.

Some of our highlights in 2019:
  1. Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics Ball

For the second year in a row, we have worked closely with Griffith University to deliver all collateral and design for the Institute for Glycomics Ball. Not only were we privileged to deliver all of the creative for this year’s ball, we were also a Major Sponsor and therefore appeared in all marketing for the evening.

Our year with Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics looked like this:

  • Designing the hero image that would be utilised across all creative design.
  • Creation of the Event Program booklet.
  • Designing the Gala Ball invitations and Sponsorship Proposal document.
  • Designing email marketing content for the event.
  • Produced video content for the evening.

We had such a fun evening attending the Ball and can’t wait to deliver the creative content for next year’s 20th Anniversary Institute for Glycomics Ball.


2. Launch of Brisbane cafe, bar and restaurant Miss Demeanour

VO Group was tasked with launching a new restaurant, cafe and bar to the Brisbane scene. Through branding, public relations, design and launch marketing, we launched Miss Demeanour into the Brisbane hospitality and entertainment scene. Most importantly, our goal was to position Miss Demeanour as Brisbane’s most desirable underground venue.

Our year with Miss Demeanour looked like this:

  • Developing the brand from conception.
  • Developing the brand’s social media presence.
  • Designing a fully functional website for the venue.
  • Creating a communications and marketing strategy to launch the venue to the public.
  • Creative design such as business cards, coffee cards, menus, posters and flyers.
  • Executing a VIP launch party.
  • Pitching to key media and securing local coverage both online and in print. We garnered huge press for Miss Demeanour, with articles on the venue appearing in Urban List, Discover Brisbane, Must Do Brisbane, Weekend Edition and Broadsheet.

3. hideAWAY

We have worked with hideAWAY across website design and development and label and packaging creative. Through design and eCommerce, we have enabled hideAWAY to launch new products into the market successfully.

Our year with hideAWAY looked like this:

4. Decodable Readers Australia

Throughout this year, our design, videography and photography, web and marketing teams have worked with Decodable Readers Australia to redefine their brand and create a perfect online experience for target and prospective customers.

Through consistent campaigns, digital marketing and redeveloping their ecommerce platform, we have successfully repositioned Decodable Readers Australia in the market.

Our year with Decodable Readers Australia looked like this:

  • Redesigned the Decodable Readers Australia website and fixed eCommerce capabilities.
  • Ongoing digital marketing activities such as email marketing and customer journey mapping.
  • Social media management and content creation.
  • Integrating Amazon into their website.
  • Ongoing photography, videography and content creation.

Image Credit: Decodable Readers Australia

5. Brendan Andrews

VO Group were approached by Brendan Andrews real estate to design and develop a unique brand and a website with user functionality at the forefront. Not only were we a part of the overall branding and website development, we worked across social media, collateral design, and digital marketing.

Our year with Brendan Andrews looked like this:

  • Designed and developed a fully functional website that streamlined user experience.
  • Designed content such as property brochures, stationary, signboard artwork and sold stickers.
  • Optimised social media accounts and designed imagery for online platforms.
  • Produced videography and photography content.


We have worked on some incredible projects in 2019 and this is just a snapshot!

Where are we heading in 2020?

Whilst we love a good trend, we don’t always follow the crowd. But, check out what Falcon.io predicts will be some of the key digital marketing trends in 2020?

1. Private Messaging Apps

Live chat is likely to gain even more traction in 2020, with customers preferring to directly message  companies rather than call them.

2. Interactive Marketing

From polls, apps, infographics and video, we’re likely to see even more interactive content versus static content. 2020 is the year for encouraging active participants rather than passive readers.

3. Social SEO

SEO and social media are no longer regarded as separate disciplines. It’s key that brands take advantage of this in 2020 as social media platforms have become search engines in their own right. Brands should capitalise on social media and SEO in order to get new leads and therefore, revenue.

4. Personalised Marketing

Consumers will now only engage with personalised marketing messages. It’s key that brands meet these demands in order to connect on a deeper level with their consumers.

5. Social Media Advertising

Paid social has been steadily climbing for years and brands should be implementing ad spend in their marketing mix.

6. Augmented Reality

AR has always been the talk of the town. The tech has become more accessible and there are significantly more AR users. In 2020, AR should be implemented into social media and web development.

7. Social Media eCommerce

Social media isn’t just a place to post selfies and chat anymore, it’s a place to shop. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are a powerhouse for product discovery. Brands should capitalise on social media ecommerce in order to catch consumer’s attention and encourage purchases.

8. The BIG 5

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn aren’t going anywhere in 2020. Marketers should be utilising these platforms in their strategies in order to connect even more with their audiences. But don’t disregard the smaller applications like TikTok and Snapchat – they are picking up a lot steam among the younger demographics.

9. Real-time Marketing

Hyperconnectivity is going to be all the rage in 2020. Consumers crave live content, whether that be video game streaming, user generated content, snap stories or live videos. Companies that respond with real-time digital campaigns, they are likely to connect with more people and drive sales.

10. Being Human

Today’s consumers are looking for brands that humanise themselves and are transparent in who they are and what they offer. In 2020, brands should continue to be transparent, imperfect and down-to-earth in their marketing tactics.

To sum up

Looking at these trends, we are so excited for what 2020 will bring in the digital marketing, social and web development space.

We are so proud to have worked across a number of exciting projects this year! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we’ll see you in the new decade.

This content is derived from the number of sources listed below. VO Group does not take ownership of the content. Read more about the 2020 digital marketing trends:


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